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Sinday Pale Ale

IBU 33
Style Pale Ale
Hops Mosaic, Bru-1, Experimental Grapefruit
Malt Great Western Pale Ale, Dextrapils, Honey malt, Crystal 30
Color Deep Gold 6.9 SRM
Source South Salt Lake, UT
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Product Description

Sinday Pale Ale...everyone sins differently.

Whether you're playing hooky from work or relaxing in the hammock musing about your next move...Sinday Pale Ale can help resolve.  This pale ale offers profound aromas of guava, passion fruit, and lemon.  The mouthfeel suggests flavors of strawberry astronaut ice cream & mango with a hint of pine.  Take a moment and reflect.  Enjoy a Sinday on Sunday...or any day in-between.