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In The Pines Hazy Pale Ale

IBU 40
Style Hazy Pale Ale
Hops Simcoe, Comet, Chinook, and Cashmere
Malt Great Western Pure Idaho Pilsner, Red Wheat, Flaked Oats, and Brumalt
Color Hazy Gold 4 SRM
Source South Salt Lake, UT
Delivered from Level Crossing Brewing Company

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Product Description

In the Pines Hazy Pale Ale...haze for days.

Time spent outdoors is always better when paired with a delicious beer.  We brewed this hazy pale ale specifically for thos moments spent within the pines.  Whether you are hiking, biking, or sharing a story around the campfire, this hop-forward yet sessionable pale ale will give you haze for days.