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Dallas Alice Belgian Blonde Ale

ABV 6.2
IBU 24
Style Belgian Blonde Ale
Hops Magnum, Hallertauer, Mittlefruh, Styrian Goldings, and Sterling
Malt Pilsner, Belgian Pale, Belgian Candi Sugar
Color Light Gold 3.3 SRM
Source South Salt Lake, UT
Delivered from Level Crossing Brewing Company

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Product Description

Dallas Alice…a suggestive blonde in many ways.


Spotted on the side of the road longing to be noticed, plenty to assume…delicate yet hardy.

Inspired by its namesake, Dallas Alice Belgian Blonde Ale is an elaborate arrangement.   Delightfully brewed with clean malt flavors, low hop bitterness with hints of pine and berry provide an easy drinking ale for you to enjoy as you happily swing your feet.  Our honey in the headlights.